From meeting at University to deciding to take the plunge and start an agency, we’re two extremely motivated and passionate guys.

We’re two 23 year olds with immense passion for business. 

We met back in 2015 at university. Two guys with very different ambitions and direction. 

1 year later, we crossed paths, but this time, we had the same shared goal, and perfectly married skill sets. 

Poke started in late 2017 and has continuously grown ever since. We’ve worked with several businesses from finance, to real estate, to kids camps.

We believe we’re unique in that we’re driven by hard, digital results. 

We’re not a branding agency… we build profitable sales funnels, and pump relevant traffic into them to generate long term customers and brand ambassadors. 

We’re not social media managers… we couldn’t care less for making you famous on Instagram. We have the goal of generating you revenue through paid social and search marketing, and that is all. 

In a burgeoning industry, we’re happy to take risks and lead the way. We’re a team of innovators, making decisions in real time based on algorithmic changes and last minute calls from clients. Our ethos is to deliver performance driven guaranteed results to legitimise and professionalise a disjointed industry. We always deliver, or you don’t pay us.

The doors to our offices are always open if you’re in the neighbourhood. Let us know if you fancy popping in for a coffee and a game of Pool, we’re based right in the heart of Canterbury, Kent.