Working With Community Gyms Was All About Telling Their Story…

The Challenge
Community Gyms is unique in that it’s totally about the Community. Their retention rates were extremely high, and once someone experienced it they were almost always hooked from the get go. They just needed more people coming into the gym. The rest was up to them. 

The Approach

When budgets are tight, it’s easy to conclude that paid advertising should be back-burnered in favor of organic-traffic efforts. In our experience, sometimes that is a mistake. If you really know your way around paid traffic, it’s possible to get surprisingly high visibility with relatively few dollars.

For this client, we launched 4 week fitness bootcamps. Taking an up front payment of £100 per bootcamp member to generate some instant profit for the business, but also with the aim to then retain them as a member. We ran 2 bootcamps, with the second bootcamp filling up and converting 85% into members. 

We ran Facebook campaigns, along with creative a creative video campaign, to generate interest, create audiences for targeting, and increase brand awareness in the area. 


Unique Impressions (Within 15KM)
Ad Spend
Leads Generated