Crossfit Medway Provided Such An Incredible Service… All We Needed To Do Was Take That Experience And Put It Online

The Challenge
Crossfit Medway had recently upgraded it’s facility, to a gym over twice the size, twice the capacity, and inherently, significantly more expensive to maintain. They came to us with the mission of reaching their member capacity, and maximising the use of the gym space and resources. More than just lead generation. Our challenge was to use facebook and search traffic, to generate free trial bookings. We wanted to do this in a way that filled multiple different services, such as personal training, bootcamps, as well as strength based sessions. 

The Approach

When budgets are tight, it’s easy to conclude that paid advertising should be back-burnered in favor of organic-traffic efforts. In our experience, sometimes that is a mistake. If you really know your way around paid traffic, it’s possible to get surprisingly high visibility with relatively few dollars.

For this client, we launched cross-device campaigns through multiple platforms, including Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram, as well as on page optimisation for their site! We didn’t spend a lot, but made sure that the company had visibility on just about every type of device in their area. If you live in Medway and you fit their demographic, you’ve seen their ads. Always staying top of mind.


Unique Impressions (Within 15KM)
Ad Spend
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